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Brickell Projects

Brickell Projects

Today, Brickell finds itself at the epicenter of a major urban development in Miami. An incredible array of new construction projects is underway and this overhaul will continue up until at least 2018. Among these projects we find:

- Flatiron
- 1010 Brickell
- Bond
- Brickell City Centre
- Brickell Heights
- Brickell House
- Brickell Ten
- Cassa Brickell
- Echo
- NINE at Mary Brickell Village
- Edge on Brickell

Bickell is located just south of Downtown Miami, right across the Miami River and it ends around 26 St and SW, at the crossroads between South Miami and Coconut Grove. The limited space in which Brickell found itself to grow stimulated its vertical development. 

The first impact with Brickell coming from Brickell Avenue is impressive: it engages your senses with its height and architectural flair. Luxury high rise condos dominate the landscape, with many building reaching 50 stories or more in height and shaping one of the most futuristic skylines in the US. You will found exclusive Brickell Condos.

Brickell doesn’t share just its looks with its more well know Manhattan. Labeled as the Wall St of the South, Brickell hosts one of the biggest concentration of banks and financial institutions in the whole County, mostly connected to South America. When talking about the gateway of the Americas, it writes Miami but it reads Brickell.

The western part of the neighborhood is more properly residential with a distinct suburban vibe to it, a wide choose of parks, green area and schools.

Brickell Key is the jewel on the crown of Biscayne Bay, standing out for its futuristic beauty and its exclusive bay views. You will find some amazing waterfront condos.

Last but not least, it’s the district of Mary Brickell Village and its sizzling nightlife, a favorite spot for all the young singles working in the area and a food destination for fish lovers all over Miami.

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